Garden party low on dB

This evening, I went to a garden party with my youngest daughter. It was a girl of her class and their parents birthday celebration, as well as their xx years of marriage. It’s complicated, I know. But let’s stick to the subject. Noise. To my surprise, the party was relatively low on dB. OK, people were talking – and when they do after some glasses of red wine, the volume tends to rise. And yes, some of them were singing old songs – or something close to singing. That went on for some minutes. That of course, is also louder than the volume of the birds that usually reside in the trees in the garden at sunset. I know. I am not saying it was a silent evening, but for a garden party, the volume was really OK.

I presume they had invited the neighbors over – or at least warned them. The point is, when there is no amplified music, closing the windows should be sufficient to keep the noise out. That’s the biggest difference between ‘loudspeakers’ and ‘loud speakers’. As soon as music is amplified, the bass tones are amplified to a volume that a normal person could never produce. Since it’s the bass that keeps the neighbors awake, this garden party was probably not such a pain in the ass for the people living close to that house. I admit that it was easy for me. I just had to leave the place to be in silence again.

Oh, and when I came back home. I did notice a huge difference in sound in the basement. Those LED tubes are changing the background sound of that room much more than I first thought.