Mea culpa

I am working on some new business project in Estonia, so I needed my “how to learn Estonian for dummies” manual urgently. That manual, of course, was in the other office :-(. After my insights this morning, I decided not to take the car out again. I was going to use my bike to get to my office and return the manual home. Proud. Yes, Jan, you can. You are a good person! And it’s even good for your own health! Guess what, the tires were flat, so I needed some help from my little air compressor. Quickly.

I turned the darn thing on (which sounded something like this), and realized my neighbors must have thought I was taking revenge for their wake-up call this morning. Actually, I did take revenge. Normally, I would close the door, respect the daytime hours, switch the compressor on and off after each tire, for the neighbors to have minimal impact. But since I heard that the neighbors were chatting in their garden close to my garage, I did decide to take a small revenge – yes, the devil is in every person, even inside the head of the good persons. So I took all the time of the world (without feeling guilty), also aired the tires of my daughters’ bikes, was very slowly to switch off the compressor – and felt happy to discover the tires were not done well, when I only was halfway on my ride to the office.

Giving it a second ‘blow’ tomorrow 😀