Great headphone keeps a lot of noise out

When I was flying to Bali (Indonesia) with my daughters last Summer, we had an intermediary stop in Singapore. Not much more than half an hour, but yet that was sufficient to go to the bathroom, stroll the terminal, and check some electronic devices. My youngest daughter is quite fond of those gadgets and she pointed out a Sony headphone that blocks the noise of the environment. Not cheap, but hey, if you are into noise reduction, this kind of technology cannot be left behind for another shopper to get his hands on it (although I presume they still had some stock).

I only used the headphone to get rid of the very basic KLM economy ear plugs, that did three things very well: hurt your ears, keep falling on the ground (and no, I do not need any follow-up training to unbuckle – I have seen the flight attendants show off quite some time), and keeping you in sync with your neighbors snoring. The headphone was a superb alternative for the inflight movies and even helped to fall asleep.

After I returned home, the headphone got some dust in the corner of my home office. I just recently started to read the manual, and understood that this wireless headphone can be a great surround isolator, in combination with an iPad and the iTunes library that sends me back to the nostalgic eighties, when I feel I want to disconnect for a while. As I am typing this blog post, my daughters are watching the tele one (wooden) floor down. And I do not get disturbed at all. Waw. Great device.

Just in case you’d like to find out: it’s the Sony WH-1000X M2 that I am talking about.