Open work space does not work

This morning, I had to call the helpdesk of the Estonian e-residency program. It started with the (for Europeans) usual language selection first question: press 1 for Estonian, 2 for Russian, and 3 for English. And then followed by the obligatory “this call can be recorded for quality improvement”. Opposite to what I expected, I had the support agent on call at once. I only did not notice he was there already. The volume of his voice recording was much lower than the automated intro, and since he had a quite low and monotonous voice, I hardly heard him. In my own office someone had just been greeting someone with a loud voice. It must have been somewhere around the staircase, and the voice resonated into my personal office space. The problem was solved easily by closing the door. And the support agent was very effective, so some minutes later the issue was solved.

I then realized that it must be very ineffective to work in an open office space or in the typical cubicle. I remember that those open spaces and cubicles were originally designed to cut cost. Maybe they cut cost in the office budget (maybe). What is sure though, is that they drastically reduce the effectiveness of the persons working in those cubicles. Now, unless you install golden cubicles, I cannot imagine the office cost saving of cubicles gets anywhere near the labor cost of a group of say 50 people working on such an open office floor.

Did they gun down the inventor of cubicles already?

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