Good old double glazing keeps neighbors’ chat outside

I did survive my first week on this blog, and I also survived another week in business, which was consuming time and energy. Yesterday evening, I decided to have a looong night’s rest again and sleep well Saturday morning. But of course, I did remember my neighbor’s gardening passion of last Saturday that ruined my Saturday morning last week. So I did go to bed with a little anxiety of what would happen this morning. That’s why I really do not understand why I did not close all the sleeping room windows when I dragged myself into bed yesterday evening.

Guess what happened this morning.

No. No chain saw. Sigh. But my neighbor did continue his garden works – although it starts to look more like construction works now. I was lucky that he did not use any machines today. And I have to admit that a shovel does not make that much noise. The only one making noise is that man. He is not able to shut up for one minute. Some people have a hard time to shut up for a while. He is one of them. Not that he says much. He says almost nothing (relevant). But not speaking, to him, is like not breathing. So he speaks, chats, jabbers, etc. without saying much. And he does not understand that others might not be interested in his jabbering. Or, even worse, might not be happy with it, because it ruins the silence in their bed room.

Luckily, I had only to try and wake up, stroll to the windows, and close them. Good old double isolated glazing did the rest. The glass is not even specifically designed for sound proofing, but yes, it keeps out the sound of people speaking out loud. The spectrum of those sounds is such that the majority of it can be filtered out by the walls and the standard isolated glass. As long as no amplification is used, most human-generated sound gets filtered out. Thank you landlord, for having chosen double glass for this house.

I slept until 1 PM. Yeaaaaah !