Headphones help disconnect from the world and get some work done

After brunch, I tried to catch up some work. My neighbor was still jabbering around in his garden, and that did distract me and reduced my concentration. Good that I remembered the headphones I was blogging about last week. I decided to give it a try, and see how the headphones would effect my work on the terrace of my house. Waw. What a difference. Even without any music on, that indeed keeps the jabbering out. And with a low volume of music, I felt I was completely disconnected from the rest of the world, into a small cocoon that allowed me to work and concentrate. The advantage of this bluetooth device is that there is no annoying wire or cable to hinder you – getting a coffee or a coke is hassle-free.

The disconnect has also some downsides. First, I all of a sudden felt a weird tickling in my neck. An insect had been able to get close to me, without me hearing it. It was a cranefly, which was pretty harmless. But since I had not heard any sound, it also could have been a wasp or an Asian hornet. Or a minuscule dinosaur – lol. It scared me though, and I almost hit my headphone off my head on the ground. I also hope, no one rang at the door. I will not have heard you. I did not hear any phone ringing. Nothing. Sorry for being asocial today. But I did get some work done.