Car-free Sunday to reduce noise in 41 Flemish cities

Today, 41 cities in Flanders have banned cars and trucks from their city centers. This is a fantastic initiative. People walk, stroll, bike, skeel, … on major roads, that are normally crowded with cars and trucks. Today, thousands and thousands of citizens really enjoyed their city. For the non-Flemish readers of my blog, this is an annual initiative that gets more and more cities involved in our country. It shows people how great living in a town could be, and it gets people motivated to finally be aware of the massive amount of sound that normal traffic is generating.

And yes, today silence did get the news on prime time. I took the featured image above from tonight’s VRT news. They did mention that one of the main impacts of a car-free city is that there is much less noise. They even did not mention anything that was noisy. On the competitive VTM channel, there was a small mention about concerts in one of the sentences, but they did not show them either. Sigh. Finally, some people start to understand that sound is one of the biggest issues of this century.