Flemish political party N-VA to address road noise

You might not believe it, but the way I got on the blogpost of this political party has nothing to do with politics. Last weekend, I was looking for new dust bags for my vacuum cleaner. So I googled “zottegem + stofzuiger” (the name of my town plus the dutch word for vacuum cleaner). Those keywords were also used on a blog post of the political party NVA on the quality of the main road that passes near Zottegem (that post is in dutch – sorry). It’s the same road I was talking about in my very first blog post – the N42 that got me to the DIY shop to buy the LED lamps for the basement.

Matthias Diependaele from NVA mentions the sound issues with the N42. Due to the bad surface condition, there is more noise than expected. Diependaele talks about noise measurements between 68,7 en 69,9 dB(A). And that is the constant buzzing of a vacuum cleaner. What a coincidence. The coming weeks, road works will be conducted to get rid of the worst bumps and holes in the surface. And next year, plans are made to redo the asphalt and reduce the noise for those neighbors. Good plan.

Which reminds me that it might be time to get in touch with some of the political parties in Flanders, and check what their noise reduction plans are – we have elections on October 14, 2018. Close to elections, there is always some intention to communicate.

I’ll keep you folks posted.