Curious to know how political parties think about silence

It’s election time in Flanders. On October 14, we will be able to confirm or change the governance of the towns we live in. That potential gets some people nervous, and urges them to make promises to their fellow-citizens. Most of these promises are just intentions. The proofing is in the eating of the pudding. And the pudding is made by a combination of political parties. That said, it is an interesting time to try and find out what politicians think about noise and silence. Tonight, I invited some of the political parties in Zottegem to reflect on that topic and send me answers the following questions:

  • do you think our town could (have) become a silent region?
  • what impact does silence have on the health of your fellow citizens?
  • what impact could more trees have on silence?
  • could some small initiatives have an impact on silence?
  • what initiatives would your party take to make our town more silent?

I am very curious to find out what answers I will get in the coming days.