My favorite hotel in Antwerp has some silent rooms

The picture is taken from my hotel room in Antwerp this morning. It is my favorite hotel in old town. It’s great that they know me at the reception. They do not need any information, any card, any id. It’s always easily set. And … I have my preferred rooms – rooms that are silent because they are on the highest floor and they overlook a courtyard surrounded by relatively high houses and offices.

As you can see from the picture, the courtyard is not the best look over Antwerp city, and yet I prefer this look to a clear view on the Grote Markt, the Cathedral, or any other monument. The importance is evident. There is no one shouting or singing during the night, no drunkards, no vandals, no cars or trucks ruining your night’s rest. And you get the view when you want, when you walk around the city, so why bother with the view when you want to sleep.

The highest floor means no one is sleeping one floor up. So no shoe heels ticking on the ceiling. No draining bath tubs and flushing toilets one floor up. You might have already noticed, that those sounds only come from adjacent or upper rooms, never from the rooms below. That means that, whatever activity the other guests might have in mind during the night, you are not the sound victim of those activities.

But that was not always the case. My first night in that hotel was dreadful. I was constantly woken up by people passing by, doors slamming, heels ticking, toilets flushing. And in the morning, I happened to be sleeping in the room adjacent to the kitchen where someone insisted to prepare the breakfast without taking care of the guests. She shouted, smashed plates and fridges, used a variety of kitchen appliances, and hell, yes, she did not let me any rest. In response, I ruined their reputation on tripadvisor and made sure the boss knew about it. The boss, clever guy, decided to tell me where the silent rooms were, gave me some free stays, and that definitely helped.

Now I am one of his biggest fans. You can ask me for the name of the hotel, but I definitely will not tell you what the number is of my favorite rooms 🙂