Silence means (recreation) business in Mechelen

The publicity on the picture says “Enjoy your time on the water with a super stable boat. 100% solar-powered, in total silence, without disturbing the beautiful environment.” Yes! Someone is making recreational business out of silence. Or at least, they are advertising silence as a commercial benefit. I saw this little leaflet this morning, when I was waiting for the elevator to get back to my room in the hotel in Mechelen. It was on a table full of promo leaflets, activities, events, musea, … I must be getting a trained eye on the word “silence”, because I immediately picked that one out of the pile.

And this one is really great. They are actually bringing two silence-messages in three lines of promo text: “you will enjoy the silence” as well as “you will not disrupt the environment”. It is very rare to see companies stimulating respect for society as a benefit in recreational business. It is a good sign that people start to understand that silence is not a commodity. It is a rare good that is worth protecting.

Try google ‘solar boat mechelen’ and you will notice that the attraction got a lot of media attention with titles such as “Mechelen has a great new ‘green’ activity”.

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