Some cars make less noise than others

I am in Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands now. Somewhere between Rotterdam and the Dutch coast. Close before sunset I had to stop the car to get some gasoline – and cookies 🙂 I think it was some 10 kilometers in the south of Rotterdam on the A29, when I stepped out the car and went to the parking shop. That’s when I noticed that some cars made a lot more or a lot less sound than others. Trucks – of course – are the kings of highway noise generation. Cars do produce much less noise. But I was really surprised to notice that some cars make much more noise and some made much less noise when they passed by. I never watched that closely before, but no that sound gets a lot of my attention, I noticed the difference.

In the five minutes that I was standing out there, I tried to listen to the passing cars. One of them was a Tesla, and that indeed is a more silent car than all the others. Hybrid or electric is king in sound reduction, since there is no combustion engine in such a car. But honestly, also the electric cars are not really silent. Their tires do have a substantial sound influence, definitely at speeds of 120 km/hr or more. So I would not like to speak about silent cars. Let’s call them less noisy cars. That is the right reward. Less is indeed less, because of the absence of the growling sound of the engine.