Yes, Didier Chabanneau is me …

This evening, I created a facebook account to start connecting people that are interested in silence, and giving them the chance to follow my stories on facebook. I decided however, to start using my very old journalistic alias again – Didier Chabanneau. Including my personal picture, and a view from my home in Flanders in the background.

Because an empty facebook is just too empty – and facebook also urges you to connect with all your friends, I selected some of my friends to join my very fresh facebook account. All at once, tens of friends started warning me that “… some jerk is using your picture in an account that is clearly fake …”. I did write an introduction to tell them about the alias, but I could have known that people read less than they used to.

Anyway, the great thing is, that I have a lot of friends that care about me, and warned me about the “fake” account. I hope my writing does not get reduced to “fake news” though šŸ™‚

Oh and by the way, in the meantime, I upgraded the profile into a page – they say that is the best option for famous people to get more followers … not famous yet, but that’s already a good start !