The ticking sound of Sunday rain reduces other noise

This is the view I now have from my home office. It’s a beautiful sight, although some people might be complaining about the cold and damp weather. I don’t. Nature and farmers need water. But also, rain damps the sounds of other sources, like the main nearby roads that one can hear on more sunny days. So although this Sunday is not a sunny day, I do like it. Just like I also do like Autumn, as well as all the other seasons, by the way. I remember speaking to the CEO of about the dark winters in Estonia. I remember he answered me that he prefers to live in a country with real seasons. So do I. And I do love the ticking sound of rain drops falling down on the roof, the tiles of the terrace, and against the windows on a Sunday. Life gets to be calm.

And that’s what I need once and a while.