Heavy kitchen noise to reduce coziness

Do try this at home. Switch the hood on. Put something in the microwave. Prepare a delicious Senseo or Nespresso coffee. The dishwasher might also add some extra effect. And then start cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. Waaw. What a lot of noise all those machines produce all together. Bye bye coziness.

img_1827Why is it that all those kitchen appliances are so loud? And then I am still lucky, because I bought a silent dishwasher. Is it difficult to reduce the sound of a hood? Or do clients only buy hoods that give them the impression that they are only extracting a lot of air when they also make a lot of noise? Why is it the microwave ovens produce noise, whereas microwaves cannot be heard? And is impossible to reduce the sound of the compressor of a coffee machine? Maybe I should return to the old coffee machine that dripped hot water into a filter with ground coffee beans.