Multiple glass layers reduce noise inside the train

This afternoon, I took the train to the heart of Brussels – no use to travel by car at around 15h into a busy city center like Brussels, when the train stops at some minutes away from my meeting. In 45 minutes Brussels I was into the city. Outside was a bit more difficult, because of today’s delay, but OK. Still better than driving the car outwards at peak hours.

On my way back, I realized that one hears the sound of the train inside, but when I was a kid, it used to be much louder. There is even a famous Dutch song that goes “gedeng-gedeng gedeng-gedeng”, referring to the loud noise trains used to make. Part of the sound reduction is a consequence of the new rails, that have no (or less) joints. That is why the noise is more constant.

The second part of the sound reduction is a consequence of the isolation – and that must have been a challenge when designing the windows. Multiple layers of glass reduce the loud sound of the train. At least they reduce the sound for the people inside the train – outside a train passing by is still quite a loud experience.