Inner city centers can be silent too

Yesterday night, I stayed in a B&B in the center of the old town of Schiedam, close to Rotterdam (The Netherlands, Europe). The B&B has a couple of rooms, one of which is just behind a vintage shop that looks out on the Lange Haven, one of these typical Dutch canals in the centre of Schiedam. The room itself has windows towards a courtyard, so from that side, there is no traffic. But even in the front of the house, the traffic is relatively slow and quiet, since it is not a passage street.

Old houses have some disadvantages, in that the floors can grate when one walks over. Or shoe heels can create a dramatic noise one floor down. In this B&B the owner knows this, and he opened the door barefoot and almost whispered when he gave me some practical guidelines. It was after midnight when I arrived, and I admit I first did not understand why he was so silent. I first thought he might have had a cold, but afterwards I was ashamed that I did not get the hint immediately and damped my own voice too.

But when I went into bed, I slept like a rose. And this morning I left to visit my client after I had drunk a nice coffee in the vintage kitchen in Schiedam. Some pictures to help you enjoy too 😉

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