Beautiful acoustic shields

I was browsing through an Estonian architecture publication, when I noticed the beautiful picture of an acoustic shield from Arper. Of course, as in all architecture and design publications, the pictures are beautiful, the office setting is more than spacious, and … there is not a single person working or living in the beautiful scenery shown in the picture. The idea of having a 500m2 meeting room decorated with an acoustic curtain, is of course, breathtaking. Preferably in New York or Singapore of course – just kidding. But I wonder what happens to the sound levels, when we would add some people in co-working mode, some visitors passing by, and a loud meeting within the sound curtain. Would you be able to follow the meeting from outside the meeting space? Would you be able to meet when sitting inside and having to bear the sound of the people around you? Just wondering. But I really would love to have such a private working and meeting space all by myself 🙂

Picture from the publication Eesti Kontor:


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