Playing hide and seek with a chain saw on a Saturday morning (again)

Can you find the chain saw on the picture? No? Neither can I. It was hidden behind that flock of small trees at the neighbors. So I could not see it – but I could hear it! Again. On a Saturday morning. I was lucky this time, though. The neighbor started around noon (unlike three weeks ago), and I closed the windows yesterday evening when I went to bed (unlike two weeks ago). Lucky me – but yet, such a chain saw sound was more than annoying, even when it was on the background in my home office at the other side of the house. High time to put on my headphones again.

You know what is so weird? If you look at the two videos below, and switch of the sound, there is no real difference between them. Just some gardens and houses on a Saturday morning. When you switch on the sound, there is one with little birds in the trees that gives a “yes, what a great day again!” feeling. And there is another with the sound of the chain saw that overwhelms everything else, and urges to move far away. That’s why great tourist pictures and landscapes still have such a huge attractiveness, even if they  would loose all that attractiveness when the sound would be switched on. Just try the two videos and see for yourself.



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