Is a noise-free inner-city parcel delivery feasible?

I did not realize it when I took the picture, this morning when I walked to our Antwerp office for the first meeting of the day. I was going to blog about the bike parcel delivery of the Belgian post, clearly reducing the sound in the street. Now that I am editing the picture, I notice the car on the left side is also from a delivery company. Sandwiches. By car.

Wonder what the difference would be if all sandwich delivery is by bike, rather than by car. There are 139 sandwich bars in greater Antwerp. I have no clue how many of them are also delivering sandwiches, but I can imagine that the difference in noise and air pollution reduction would be noticeable, if they all would turn to bikes for sandwich delivery. The question, of course, is whether that would be still a profitable business. Anyone into business model calculation?


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