Beautiful working day, high time to bike to the office

Today, I worked from my home office before I left for the office, which is only a few miles away. The sun was out, I had no passengers, almost no stuff to carry to the office, so this was one of those ideal days to bike to the office. I even put on my rain-proof jacket, just in case it would start raining this evening. It helped to keep the first chilly wind outside, and avoid some low-flying bugs.

The first kilometer was a wonderful relaxing trip on one of the slow roads in Godveergedem. The silence was a blessing. I passed a runner, another biker, and a lot of horses, ponies, and cows. Although agriculture is not nature, it does create the right setting for a joyful bike ride – and now that I know how good this silence is for my brain, I am even more positive about it.

At the end of the slow road, I crossed the busy Tweekerkenstraat and had to wait for a truck who left a building construction site. Trucks are always noisy, but okay, he was gone quite quickly. The neighbors probably would not have been disturbed by the engine of the truck for too long. But when he left, I heard that the entire building site was overwhelmed with a very loud radio set. I understand that music can render ones job more fun, but I do not understand why that music cannot be limited to the ears of the builders. Many of them do wear ear protection devices for the sound of their machines – so why not combine that with a bluetooth music channel?

Free tip for the headphone producers and the manufacturers of safety equipment.

Luckily the rest of the trip was much more relaxing. Time to work now. My appointment just arrived in the office.

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