Excavators, bulldozers, and trucks spill tons of fuel while waiting (and making noise)

Today, I was working for a client who produces machines for construction sites. I try to keep the business and this blog separated, so I will not disclose their name here. The point is that my client gave the answer to the question I publicly asked in one of my first blog posts: how much fuel do farmers spill when they leave their tractors running idle.

Without knowing about this blog, my client made a remark that on some construction sites, trucks, dozers, and other machines spill tons of fuel while running idle. The issue is, that nobody knows what machine is running idle at what time, and no one is there to follow-up on that huge spill. That’s why they are now introducing apps to keep track of that situation. “Contractors could make substantial savings if they better monitor the idle time of their machines, and make sure they do something about it”, he told me.

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