Small streets of Brussels not beneficial for sound levels

I was trying to find that old train picture for the other blog post, just a minute ago. That’s when I noticed a picture, that I took when I went to Brussels some weeks ago. For some reason, I did not write any comment about it yet. The situation was like this. I took the train to the center of the city of Brussels to meet some people for work. I had to walk for about fifteen minutes from Brussels central station to their office. In the inner city, the streets close to the Galleries Saint Hubert, are pretty narrow. At that time of the afternoon, the first traffic jams started to build up. Cars, buses, vans, trucks, and motorbikes were queuing up to get past a traffic light. For pedestrians that is a very smelly city experience, passing by the gasses of all those engines that are running idle. The city experience is very loud too. All the combustion engines together make a hell of a noise. Moreover, the narrow streets amplify those noises. That’s why, I hurried to meet my clients, yet in the same time, I did not run, since that would have made me gasp.

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