New technology renders electric trucks more silent – and energy-friendly

Electricity is a cleaner energy for trucks and buses driving in city-centres, but it is still energy. The more efficient a truck or bus becomes, the less energy that truck or bus will consume. There is a very innovative Belgian technology that reduces energy consumption of electric trucks by more than 10%, which is substantial. Moreover, that same technology reduces the sound of electric trucks. It’s not because a truck or a bus is electric, that they do not produce any sound.

I just found out today about this technology, and wanted to share it to the world – this Belgian engineer has been spending the majority of his adult life to developing this technology, and is now ready for the market. He is looking for funds – and only got interest from Chinese investors for now. Come on, Europe. They only need 2,4 million euro, which is really not much, compared to the potential of this technology.

Do share this post ! Or get in touch with Mazaro.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-12 om 10.07.20

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