Sunny Saturday in October working outside my home office

This is unbelievable. It’s mid October and I am working outside my house, overlooking the fields, enjoying a pretty silent environment from the lounge seat on my terrace. I hear the distinct sound of cars and motorbikes, that do disturb the sound of wind moving the trees. But while I am able to sit down and work in this sun, I do not mind that much.

What bothers me more, is that this kind of weather is not normal at all. Normally, at this time of the year in Belgium (Europe) we are supposed to have rainy and cloudy cold days. We are supposed to light the fire place, to put an extra pullover, to eat warm soup. And now, I am sitting outside on my terrace like it is the end of August.

I remember people in the eighties and nineties buying property in Spain to be able to take a warm break in Autumn or Winter. At least the positive effect of global warming is that it refrains many people from buying more property in distinct countries so that they have to travel less. Would that be one of the smaller auto-regulating mechanisms of nature? Even if it is, this is a signal that nature is changed by people. It is worth thinking and acting.


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