Why Chabanneau?

Some weeks ago, I reintroduced my old journalistic alias for this blog and for my quest to make the planet more silent. The main reason for using an alias is that it seems quite difficult to use social media in such a way, that both my business content and my personal quest are easily kept separate. Another reason is that ‘creating silence’ is a very difficult matter. An important matter, but also one with many enemies, who believe trying to reduce noise is bad for the economy, bad for the business, and bad for the majority that wants to enjoy noise and does not care. Using an alias for the writing about silence, as well as for my future journalistic activities in this field, might protect me and my family somehow from first-line social aggression.

Some people asked me, what made me choose this name? Well, that is a short story from long time ago. When I started my career, I combined journalism on IT and technology, with copy-writing for some companies. I always strictly separated the activities, and avoided writing journalistic articles on the companies that I was working for as a copywriter. But still, some editors-in-chief wanted to create a clearer perception of neutrality. The solution which made them feel more comfortable, was to introduce an alias for the journalistic writing.

Since I needed the alias very urgently before sending the disk containing my next article and the picture negatives via DHL, I was looking around in my apartment for ‘seeds’ that could help me think of a name. It was 1991, or so. Internet already existed, but it was still an academic gadget. There was no www. No google. No co-creation apps. No fiverr at that time.

Then I saw that bottle of cognac on my cupboard.

Someone had given it  to me as the obligatory present for a friends party. I do not drink that much of heavy alcohol, so it must have been someone who really had no clue what present to bring. But I was happy he or she had done it, because there was my alias: Chabanneau. It sounded a bit posh, and not-Flemish-at-all. So there was also a regional and language barrier created there. Then I still needed a first name, and that is when I decided Didier went along well with Chabanneau.

img_2063Meanwhile, I have drunk the cognac with some friends at a dinner party in my home. I have kept the bottle as a souvenir, and put it in my office on a shelve with other bottles of alcohol that have a certain meaning to me.

No, I am not a drunkard. I am over 50, so if that are the only bottles that I have collected over a lifetime, that should be OK no?

Anyway, now you know all about Didier Chabanneau’s roots.




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