Why do gardening machines make more noise than (modern) tractors?

While I was working on my terrace this afternoon, I noticed a (modern) tractor passing by. That huge machine was relatively silent, compared to older tractors that had passed by in the past weeks. And while I was taking the picture, I heard my neighbor chattering in the garden next doors. Yes indeed, the one that triggered me to start writing here.

Guess what he then did … Let me give you some clues: sun, garden, Saturday. Guessed it?

He started the grass mower, because, of course, the millimetered grass easily gets to grow above one millimeter, when the sun is out. Looking at his two-millimeter-tall grass, urged him to move out and start mowing the grass to get it back to one millimeter. Does this post start to sound a bit sarcastic? Rest assured, the sarcasm is not intentional šŸ™‚

img_2094The point is, that little old grass mower makes more noise than the big tractor that had just passed by at the other side of the house. And then I wonder, what makes it so hard to define a clear sound regulation on grass mowers and other gardening machines? It has nothing to do with the required power. That’s for sure. It probably only requires a little bit of political dare to dare to put a law on the gardening machines that could make a substantial difference.



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