Noise of wind turbines in Flanders lower than EU regulations

I had taken many pictures from the vrt news topic on the WHO claiming noise to be an important yet silent killer, last Thursday evening. I did not post all I heared on that news edition. I found an interesting one that I do want to share with you: the noise of wind turbines is considered as hindering the neighbors. There is regulation saying that the sound should be no more than 45 decibel.

According to minister Joke Schauvliege, Minster of Environment of the Flemish Community in Belgium, Flanders does better than the EU regulations. She says sound is an important factor to take into account when planning for wind energy. Definitely in a dense region as Flanders, there is almost always people living in the vicinity of a wind turbine. It’s good to notice that it is important to try and balance exhaustion and noise.

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