A beautiful morning in Antwerp

Yesterday, I was lucky. Last time I stayed in this hotel, the new receptionist had messed up, and even more, the airco failed, so I had to sleep with the open window in the city centre of Antwerp – although the hotel looks over a courtyard, the sounds of the city can be too much for a boy that has been living on the countryside for a while. After I had made a small complaint about this, the hotel offered me to take the suite for the price of the normal business room. Of course, I accepted. The suite has a separate living room that now functions as my local little home office in Antwerp. With this view, a sunny Monday, and some interesting work to do, that makes it a great day. I did have to sleep with closed windows last night though, and I still prefer to switch off the airco overnight. That is no problem when one pre-cools the room before sleeping.

So yes, I start well today. I woke up just a few minutes before the alarm clock – and I noticed the distinct sound of piles being driven into the ground at a construction site. I wonder how that sound could ever be avoided. One needs a huge force of a hammer to get  piles of several meters of steel plating into the ground. That goes with a huge sound. I remember the sound very well, since my father was in construction engineering and, as a kid,  I often joined him on his visits of construction sites. And, we had the Craeybeckx-tunnel being constructed in front of our house. I remember my mother did not really like it, since for weeks and weeks, they were driving piles into the ground just at the other side of the street. As a kid, of course, we did only see a small part of that job, since we were at school during day time. I only remember my mother claim about some of the crystal glasses being damaged as a consequence of the vibrations. And I also recall that one day, the holy cross and Jesus fell off the wall. But she also must have suffered from the noise that went on and on during the whole day. That’s what jumped into my head this morning, when I heard the distinct sound of that construction site hammering. No clue how to change that, honestly.


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