Residential seminar in a cottage in the midst of the fields

Yesterday I arrived in Limburg (The Netherlands) in a cottage in the midst of the open fields. The cottage was built for groups, and I presume they focus on families on holiday, as well as on business people for their team building activities. The cottage was sober, but all comfort included. A great place for self-catering groups. No strangers to mingle in the get together. So far, so good.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-18 om 19.25.39One issue though. The cottage is only 300 m away from the A67 highway near Venlo. It is not visible on the picture – and not visible on the pictures that are on their website. But you can clearly hear it – even behind the insulated windows. It’s not hindering during the daytime work or recreation. Not like the meeting venue I was working in some weeks ago. But, for sure, the nosie is far from ideal for a good night’s rest. I was lucky to bring my ear plugs with me. So I did get up refreshed, and ready to make it a great day for my client.


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