Difficult to find a quiet minute – even in the midst of the open fields

Yesterday, I went for a little walk in the fields near to my house. It was a beautiful Sunday – again, and that is really not normal in October. But anyway, I enjoyed the quiet environment, the fields, the trees.

However, I was not able to enjoy the silence. I tried several times to make a little one minute video, and I was not able to catch a silent minute at all. There were quite a lot of planes passing over. Sometimes, I heard a distinct garden machine – even on Sunday. Frequent motorbikes were clearly way over the speed limits, from the sound that came our way. Such a pitty.

On the other hand, I also noticed that the distinct sounds were less apparent when I turned my head against the wind. A slight breeze from behind does not create a lot of noise, but when i felt the breeze in my face, I noticed the noise of that breeze was clearer. Same happened when I went closer to the line of trees at the end of the fields. The breeze and the leaves reduce the hindering background noises.

Let’s keep that in mind, when trying to reduce the noise in a certain environment.


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