Acoustic walls are increasing the dining experience at this top restaurant

Tuesday evening, my daughter got her birthday present: dining in a posh restaurant. We went to dine at Two Cooks in Velzeke. I still remember when they started some 10 years ago in the centre of Zottegem. Two enthousiastic young cooks who started a creative restaurant and enjoyed the meals of business people, families and couples with their original creations. Since some years, they moved to Velzeke, and they now run a high class restaurant, with a high class kitchen, in a high class interior. My daughters love that place, and they were eager to show it to their boyfriends. And, of course, daddy wanted to give his girls a great treat. Hey, that’s normal, isn’t it.

So we enjoyed a great evening, with great food. And we chatted about old times, and recent times. And the thing is … we were able to chat, listen, and comment without having to shout at each other. For modern restaurants that is quite exceptional – in most modern places, the straight lines and the cool hard materials amplify the sound to a non-enjoyable level, as I was able to witness some weeks ago. The advantage of the table for five (or more) at Two Cooks, is that is a bit secluded from the rest of the restaurant. And the walls of that seclusion are covered with noise-damping textile. That’s why we had a great family chat, and went home with a big smile (and a taxi).


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