Annoying passengers on the LOT Polish Airlines flight to Tallinn

No I did not make a picture this time – the plane featuring this post is from the free WordPress library. I was not in the mood to take pictures. I do not think they would allow me to publish their faces, either. They might not even remember they gave the authorization by tomorrow. The problem was some passengers started drinking. And drinking. And annoying people. I was seated close to the front of the airplane. Some passenger went out there to ask the purser for a couple of drinks. Soon after, he came back with the empty glasses to ask for more drinks. The flight attendant was a nice man, a people man, that typically gets along with most other people. So they made some jokes, he poured some alcohol in the glasses. Soon after, one of the guys came back again. This time, he stayed over a lot longer. Started to chat – loud – with the purser. And then the other guy joined the little drinking club in front of the plane. They clearly had no idea how loud they were speaking at that time.

What made it worse, is that I had been ill that day. I was not even capable of speaking in the morning. I had lost my voice, and my throat was aching all day. The flight was booked, so no way to stay in bed tonight. I had to assemble all the courage and the energy that was left in my sick body, to get to the airport, I nearly got caught in the luggage mess caused by the bloody zillionth strike of the luggage handling crew in Brussels airport, found no descent food nor a descent place to sit in the lounge, entered the airplane tired and nervous already. And just when I had opened my PC to do some extra work, the above scene with the tipsy guys started. Damn.

One positive note though. As soon as got hold of the purser I told him the noise and the tipsy guys were annoying and hindering me to do my work. To my positive surprise, he understood and took action immediately – he even appologized. The rest of the flight I was OK. The point is that many times, it’s me who would be considered as being the issue. Noise harassment can be very annoying, but it is rarely recognized as the problem of the victim – victims of noise harassment are too often regarded as over-sensitive and asocial. Not this time. Sigh. At least that was a positive thought to start my work week in Estonia with.


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