Flying to Kuressaare in the smallest and noisiest plane I ever experienced

There is a small local airport on the island of Saaremaa near the city of Kuressaare. And there is an airline taking passengers from Tallinn to Kuressaare back and forth twice a day. It saves a lot of time driving and taking the ferry between Virtsu and Kuivatsu. I was definitely not the only one who figured that out. When we left Tallinn on Friday evening, the plane was fully booked. The weight of the luggage and the cabin luggage were carefully checked. I found it a bit exaggerated, but in airports you’d better not discuss with the safety crew. When we took the bus from the gate to the plane, I still could not believe the entire passenger list was on that bus. I thought we were the final load of passengers, because there were hardly twenty people on the bus.


But when we approached the plane, I realized the bus indeed took the full load of passengers to the plane: 21 to be more precise. We stumbled in and try to get a seat somewhere in the cabin. Actually, I loved that trip. We were seated in the front of the cabin, with a clear view on the captain and his co-pilot. The captain welcomed us on board. He stepped in the cabin, said hello (tere õhtust), and explained how the flight was going to be. Then he switched on the security instructions tape and started the engines. Man, what a noise. And what an adventure. This is the real flying. You feel connected with the winds and the clouds again – unless you fly all by yourself, of course. But I am not in that luxury class. It took us some half hour to get to the island. The landing was quiet an experience, and when we were back with our feet on the tarmac, we could almost take our luggage from the carriage. Wonderful.

When I was outside the airport, checking in with the car rental company, all of a sudden there was a heavy noise on the airport. Like a big jumbo starting. But it was the plane that left again, for the next destination. A turboprop makes a lot of noise. Definitely for that small amount of luggage, passengers and crew. Someone please invent the electric airplane for short distance flights please.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-28 om 18.30.41.png

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