I take a Tesla taxi as often as I can

I adore the platform Taxify. It’s the Estonian competitor of Uber. I always switch the app on, as soon as I land in Tallinn. If they would also allow it in Flanders, I would probably be using it out there too. So why do I use Taxify? Not only because it is modern and convenient – you have no hassle with tickets and creditcards, since that is all automatically arranged. A major other reason is that I can take a Tesla taxi whenever I like. A Tesla – electric – taxi is a great experience, since they almost make no noise. One hears that when seated inside. And it is also clear when you see the taxi arriving. Almost silently. Great for neighbors, and definitely great for the inner-city transport.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-27 om 21.54.07

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