Fabulous view and tremendous silence on Elda Pank in Estonia

Today, I was on several silent places. The kind of silence that I have not experienced for a long time. The kind of place one might find somewhere else in Europe on a very early morning, when no one is out for a walk yet. I found such kind of places around noon today, on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia (Europe) in the protected area that is called Vilsandi park. This zone has some bumpy rocky roads that take you from the main road towards the shore, to let you enjoy the natural beauty of this region.

One of the places I discovered that way is Elda Pank, a place in Estonia that takes some courage to get there. I thought several times, that the car could not go any further down the wet and muddy roads. But it did. And the result was astonishing. The view at Elda Pank is beautiful. It is a combination of sea, grasslands, wood, and a rocky beach. You see some islands down in the Baltic sea, and it’s also beautiful to witness the bay and the shores at the other side of the bay. You might almost want to jump in the water and try to reach the other side. Don’t go swimming though. It might not show on the picture, but the temperature was close to zero today. Yesterday’s snow had melted on most places, but the grasslands were still wet and cold. But who cares the temperature, when the sun is out and the view is that beautiful. Happy too, that we took some food for lunch on the shore.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-28 om 18.17.42

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