Silent island of Saaremaa in Estonia

It’s the second time I am on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia (Europe). It’s a wonderful place, one of the lower in sound in Europe. The pictures show a strip of land and a pedestrian-only road that leads from the major road just outside of Kuuressaare to the shore. This is one of the many gravel roads across the islands, and this particular one crosses a pedestrian-only zone that is protected by law – just like a big portion of the island of Saaremaa.

When leaving the car, I met an old man walking his dog on that road. I walked with him for some kilometer or more, and chatted about the country, and the county. I learned that there are many believers in druidism in Estonia. I heard that as long as you have your house and the little pension, you have no worries as an old person, since the state covers all the medical treatments. He also told me that the road we were walking on, once led to a restaurant, before the war.

Halfway the long road, he stopped. “We always walk to this spot and then go back to the car,” he said. And with a gentle “Head õhtut” (good evening) we each went our own way. I went on to see the shore and the fields nearby. The fields are a protected area, and there are some horses that keep guards. Beautiful. And again, I was surprised by the silence of that area. Although we were not much more than a kilometer from the main road, I only heard the sound of the wind and some distinct waves of the sea.

This is so relaxing! I really needed it.


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