Snow changes the acoustics of a city center

Today, I invited my hosts to dine together in the center of Kuressaare (Saaremaa, Estonia). Since I do not know that town very well yet, I suggested them to pick the restaurant – the bill was mine. When we left the parking lot there was a cold wind blowing gentle over the main square of the town of Kuressaare, which is waiting for the supply of a set of tiles that is stuck in a typical building material fight with a Chinese supplier. The advantage is that we could walk over the square without encountering any cars – if you do not mind watching where to put your feet, that’s pretty ok.

We took a drink. Ordered some appetizers. And then I looked outside and saw the snow falling from the sky. Beautiful. Definitely when it’s the first sign of winter. Definitely when that first sign of winter is a bit early. And it snowed pretty well. By the time we had finished our dinner, the central square of Kuressaare was covered with a couple of centimeter of beautiful white snow. We had to be careful walking back to the car. But that care did not refrain me from listening carefully to the sound of the city. The snow mutes a lot of the small noises, removes the amplifying echo of buildings and street tiles, and damps all of the typical city sounds very gracefully.

I like that cozy feeling a lot.


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