Wind turbines are not noise-free at all

Today, we went to the sea in Saaremaa, a beautiful and big island in front of the coast of Estonia, overlooking the bay of Riga. We followed the right bank of the Nasva river to the coast, and we could not get to the end of the street and onto the shore because of the Nasva shipyard. I stopped the car at the side of the road, and stepped out to walk the last couple of meters to the coast.

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I heard the wind turbine above my head. It’s the first time I ever heard such a turbine nearby. When I see a wind turbine in Flanders, I am driving or I am on a far distance – so one gets the impression these green energy generators do not hinder anyone at all. Moreover, in Flanders there are many other noises that cover up the noise of such a turbine. But here, on the silent island of Saaremaa, one normally hears only the wind and the waves, so the sound of the wind turbine was isolated … and pretty loud to my surprise.

The sound is a combination of the wind rubbing the blades, plus a constant rumbling of the generator. I am not sure which of the sounds would hinder me most, but I would not like to live close-by. I presume I would not be amused when some local functionary would decide to put some wind turbines close to my rear garden. When people are protesting against the location of wind turbines close to their homes, always some other people feel they have to show disrespect about the so-called incompatibility of neighbors not wanting windmills in their backyard. I now understand the latter probably are saloon-Greens who are not hindered by windmills.


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