Pick-nick surrounded by the soft sound of waves and wind

Lunchtime in open air. In most places in Flanders, that would mean you hear planes, cars, trucks, or worse – if you are lucky the background sound is so distinct that you do not get disturbed by it. But that is nothing, compared to Saaremaa (Estonia), where one can still find ideal pick-nick places. I found one today. Close to the Elda Pank near the city of Atla. Near green bush, near the shore, on a rocky strip that can keep you dry. And no sound but the sound of the wind and the waves gently brushing the shore. Waw. Actually, I hesitate to tell you where my secret pick-nick place is located … please do not go there 😦

And yes, I took all my garbage back to the car and back home.


Schermafbeelding 2018-10-28 om 18.17.42.png

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