Honey, are you going to put our boat in the garage?

No joke. This boat is laying alongside a little pier on the coast of Saaremaa (Estonia, Europe) near the Baltic Sea, at the other side of the peninsula that leads to Undva Pank and Suuriku Pank. There is no soul around, just an old man taking his dog out in the afternoon. After my friendly “Tere päevast” (good afternoon) he tried to explain me using some basic words of English that the old boat had gone down, and that no one is coming to take it away. They tried though. But hey, why bother if there is nothing else than some old metal to collect. The relic of a better fishing time, is indeed patient enough and has already outlived two trucks.

When I first approached the wreck, I was – of course – intrigued by the industrial archeology and the effect of time and nature on the once strong structure of steel. After a while, my noise sensors popped in again, and I clearly heard the nearest main road 78 all the way down the pier to the shipwreck. Pitty. The road and its cars were too close to be able to enjoy this Sunday afternoon at Oju. So I went quickly back on the road again.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-29 om 18.56.25.png

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