Vacuum cleaner and milkshake machine in hotel lobby disturb lounge feeling

This morning and this evening I used the GO Spa hotel lobby in Kuressaare (Saaremaa, Estonia, Europe) to meet and work. This morning I was lucky to have a chat with the former city architect of Kuressaare, who explained me about the history and geography of ‘his’ island. The GO Spa hotel is a decent 4 star spa hotel. Nothing to complain. It’s neat and clean. Modern interior. Professional service. The right music in the background. In short, the right place to meet an architect and discuss about Saaremaa. All of a sudden, there was a huge siren-like sound in the lobby. I first thought it was a test of the fire alarm. But then it seemed to be the vacuum cleaner. Man what a noise that makes. We even made a joke that it was not a combustion-engine-powered vacuum cleaner. Come on. Change that device and do not break the tranquility of your lobby with such a monstrous sound.

Similar story in the evening. I used their high-bandwidth wifi (and paid a couple of teas – no cheating), and was able to upload a lot of the recent pictures, and write the blog posts of last week and yesterday. And then, all of a sudden, there was a machine comparable to one of the gardening machines I was writing about. It only lasted a couple of minutes, but I remember also other people looking around and trying to detect where the sound came from. Just seconds after the noise stopped, I saw the waitress walking back to the restaurant with a milkshake. Waw, that milk must be really shaken 😉


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