Nice and quiet park(s) in Shropshire (UK)

Actually, I only visited one of the ‘meres’ in Shropshire, at Colemere, about an hour driving from Shrewsbury – which is not that far from Birmingham (UK, Europe – for now). There are several little lakes, which they call ‘meres’, in the vicinity of Ellesmere, Shropshire.  Each of the meres is surrounded by a little park, and the one of Colemere has a walking trail that allows you to walk around the mere.

This place is not that far from the A495, but since there are some hills in the vicinity and the walking trail is in a hollow road, you do not hear any sound of cars or trucks on a Saturday afternoon. Beautiful Autumn colors are all the extras you then need for a nice afternoon walk – with or without the dog. The park also gets you close to the canal that goes all the way into Birmingham city. But, of course, Colemere is a long way from the busy city center of Birmingham.

Want to see for yourself? Check the website.

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-10 om 18.51.20

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