Relaxing beautiful Shrewsbury city center in the English Midlands (UK)

On the poppy Sunday 11 November 2018, I had the opportunity to walk in the center of Shrewsbury (UK, Europe). Shrewsbury is a beautiful old town (almost a city) that started a very long time ago as a medieval town in the meander of the Severn river in the English Midlands.

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-12 om 11.18.48

As many cities and towns, Shrewsbury steadily grew out of its original perimeter. The citizens were lucky that the town grew away from the river, which left room for a beautiful park in the midst of town. Walking in the park is very relaxing for all citizens, and to my surprise, I could hear almost no noise from the cars on the nearby roads in the center of the town. That’s probably because the other river bank is pretty steep, and has houses alongside the road.

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