Boiler of central heating makes annoying noise … next one will be more silent

Now that I am writing a blog on silence and noise, the boiler at the office is annoying me more and more. I installed the central heating ten years ago, and I remembered that I ordered a silent installation. Quod non. At that time, there were so many errors from all of the builders, that I did not dare to fight that aspect of the installation too. The point is that the noise is getting worse, now that the boiler is getting older. We already had some new components in, and that helped somewhat. But in general this system will be put out as soon as it breaks down. I will definitely replace it with a more silent version.

Any suggestions?

Here is the noise … starts close to the boiler, then up the stairs of the basement, and the third video is what I hear when I am in the hallway. The recording does not quite capture the irritation sound because the iPhone captures more surrounding noises – I need to get me a better microphone.


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