Inner-city churches are often quiet places in town

I have been downloading my google pictures on my apple environment this afternoon. It was high time to get them together in one application. I had a Motorola phone for half a year after I was angry that the iPhone was slowing down dramatically. Android and Apple do not go along that well though. And I did not really like the Android interface. So for some months now, I am back on iPhone. I was missing some of the pictures from the beginning of this year. That’s why, in between some of the paper work, I transferred the pictures to the Apple environment this afternoon.

img_20180101_123223That’s when I discovered a picture I took inside the Carolus Boromeus church in Antwerp beginning of this year. The church is situated in the old town, a little outside the main market place. I remembered that inside this church all of the outside noises disappeared. That happens in many of the old town inner-city churches, by the way. Thick walls are part of the reason for the sound reduction, but I think the main reason is that most of these churches are surrounded by other buildings. It would surprise me that the antique glazing would stop the noise of cars and trucks.

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-18 om 18.37.45.png

And indeed I remember, when I entered the church, I immediately forgot about the outside world. That is why these inner-city churches offer a great advantage if you’d like to reflect. Or when one wants to listen to classic music. Which happens quite often in this church.

See the calendar on their website.

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