Acoustics should start at the very first point in the design

I remember, some weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the acoustics of banquet halls. Modern architecture seems to hate acoustic infrastructure. And yet the acoustics are a major part of the experience of event spaces like banquet halls. I recently wrote about yet another of my experiences where the acoustics almost ruined the evening.

Today, I got to see a Linkedin reference to a blogpost that referred to the website of Icoustic. Icoustic is a Belgian company that calls themselves an ‘acoustic design contractor’. In their blogpost (of which I used the picture) they advise architects and engineers to incorporate acoustics in the very first design stage already. Since acoustics are invisible, most designers focus on the visual aspects of an interior first. Afterwards, they have then to compromise on the design to make the room acoustically livable – which is then often neglected. For reasons of cost, or because also in later stages acoustics remain unvisible. They also say that acoustics do not have to be ugly … very interesting topic for everyone who is in the leisure industry.

Their text is a blog post in Dutch. I am sure that they would produce an English version if you’d require one. Get in touch via their website (english version of their website is here).

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