Winter tires make noise … but some winter tires are less noisy than others

Early February, I was in Tallinn (Estonia, Europe). The country is more north than Belgium, so that means there is more snow and less light during the winter. And that’s why they have a law that cars have to have winter tires as from early November. That makes driving on Estonia’s snow-covered roads pretty safe, and it requires less salt to keep the roads snow-free.

The only disadvantage is that winter tires are more noisy than normal tires. This is definitely true for the spike tires. I remember that quite a lot of people in Estonia told me about this noise issue last week, without me asking about it.

Being the blog writer of this silence diary, I am glad I was a little bit patient in December. I asked my supplier to buy me entirely new winter tires with a clear focus on less noise – it took them some more time than usual, but I am very happy I am now driving with the new tires. And indeed, where my old winter tires even irritated me inside the car, these new Michel tires are relatively silent. The price is not that different, so do ask for silent tires, please.

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