Beautiful pictures of nature … but a totally different feeling when you switch on the audio

I really love Estonia (Europe). It’s a beautiful country, with a lot of green areas, woods, nature parks, reserves. Fantastic. One of these beautiful parks is Viru Raba, a park that is adjacent to the highway number 1 between Tallinn and Narva. If you drive to Narva, like on many highways in Estonia, there are many spaces where you find yourself driving in the midst of woods. Recently, I had the opportunity to go see the other side of what the drivers see. A beautiful snow-white park, that creates a great relaxing atmosphere. One major disadvantage is that one hears the cars and trucks passing by … and that ruins the relaxing atmosphere. Just look at the picture below. Imaging you are walking in the woods, seeing nobody, enjoying nature. And then click on the movie below …



And no, I am not criticising the Estonian government for creating nature parks adjacent to highways – it’s great that they create so many green “lungs” in their country. I just want to show how much area of nature is needed to get rid of the noise of the cars on the highway.



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