Snow and Tesla – a perfect inner-city noise reduction combination

img_0037This morning, everyone in Tallinn (Estonia, Europe) was surprised. Some 25 cm of snow had covered the city over the night. The week before, ice and snow had been melting, and spring was knocking on the door. But yesterday morning, everyone was reminded again that February is not the time for spring – definitely not so far to the north on our planet.

img_3424And that is not bad at all. Estonian cars are by law equipped with winter tires, and they know how to drive in the snow. Moreover, with a little extra sunshine, the old town of Tallinn is very beautiful in the snow. And quiet. It is interesting to see – or better, listen – the snow damping the sounds of the city. Add to that a Tesla electric Taxify (the Estonian Uber), and it’s very quiet in the city-center of Tallinn.

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